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Coupe Laser Ultra Inc. was established in 2007, due to the urge of the administrators of several steel product marketing companies, including one in business since 1976, to integrate all stages of production, from raw material to the finished product, under one roof.

This decision created the need to move all operations to a 36,000 ft2 factory, that allowed adding equipment such as lasers and bending machines to cut and bend steel, aluminum and stainless steel, as well as a powder coating room.

Year after year, the loyalty of our ever-growing customer base brought us to regularly hire new staff, while adding cutting-edge equipment to support our progress.

Within the Ultra group, the Soudure Promax company specializes in all types of welding, both in-house and in the field.

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Ultranix - Quebec safe manufacturer.

The president and owner of Groupe Ultra, Sébastien Charest, is innovating in his safe manufacturing plant. A TRU MPF TruMatic 7000 laser combination machine is a new addition to the company’s cutting and folding operations. Sébastien Charest says that it gives Groupe Ultra a competitive edge.

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